What is a master plumber?

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Plumbing

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Master plumbers in Chicago are people who are licensed professionals; they install, maintain and repair commercial and residential plumbing systems, both the high pressure supply side and the drainage. They are often involved in the design of a plumbing system, they lay pipe, provide repairs and maintenance on plumbing fixtures and unclog drains. Many master plumbers work for general plumbing contractors or work for themselves.

Master plumbers in Chicago are very important to the design and implementation of plumbing systems, be they residential, commercial or municipal. Engineers and architects often call on the master plumber to provide input on design as well as costing the implementation of the work. The estimators have all the information they need on materials but frequently they relay on the master plumber to give them an estimate on the time it will take to complete the project. Master plumbers will take responsibility for the team of installers and he may also be responsible for making inspections that assure the system is working, and working in accordance with the plumbing code.

When a home or business requires the installation of new pipes or the repair of existing systems, master plumbers Chicago are often involved. Many larger plumbing contractors use their master plumbers to travel from job to job, insuring that the journeymen and apprentice plumbers are doing their appointed task properly, and in full compliance with the code. In the event a piping system should fail or a plumbing fixture stops functioning as designed, the plumber will inspect the system, diagnose the problem, source the necessary repair and replacement parts and perform the necessary work to put the system back in order.

Master plumbers in Chicago are intimate with all forms of plumbing and piping, some however, will focus on one particular aspect of the profession. Pipefitters are a unique sub-group within the profession and often work with oil and gas installations rather than water. Other pipefitters will specialize in installing, maintaining and repairing high pressure systems as may be found in both traditional and nuclear power stations.

Master plumbers in Chicago usually has started his career after getting an associate degree from a community college or, in lieu of that, completion of a program from a vocational school. Once these courses have been completed, the plumber will usually go through a program of apprenticeship where he will work side by side with experienced journeymen and master plumbers. This may take four or five years, after which he can sit the state specific licensing exam. The exam is a written test of the candidate’s knowledge of the trade as well as his understanding of state and local plumbing codes that he will have to adhere to.

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