The basics of bathroom plumbing

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Plumbing

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A plumber is a tradesman that has a great deal of skill and experience. When the plumber is involved with bathrooms in Bromsgrove, there is also a lot of general construction skills required as well.

If you are considering remodelling your bathroom, you should make every effort to keep the fitting; sink, toilet and bathtub in the same location. If the location remains the same, it can eliminate a considerable amount of carpentry; the changes to the plumbing will be nothing more than replacing old fittings with new.

Hot and cold water supply:

Every fitting in the bathroom requires as water supply and a drain. Each element; shower, tub, toilet and sink will require a cold water supply line. The tub, shower and sink will require a separate hot water line. The hot water line and the cold water line are of the same material, often copper. The hot water supply comes from a hot water tank or directly from the boiler.

A shower can be supplied with hot water from an electric water heater mounted on the wall in the shower or from a mixer tap. The electric shower heater is an ideal solution as the water is heated on-demand, instantly, and it only needs to be connected to a cold water supply. Having to be connected to one pipe only makes them easy to install.

A mixer tap requires both hot and cold water supply. Many bathrooms in Bromsgrove use this system. The mixer tap which is in the shower is connected to the cold water supply and then directly back to the boiler for the hot water source. As the name suggests, the hot and cold water are then mixed to give the desired temperature. This is one area where construction work can be needed, if the original pipes are surface mounted, the walls will need to be chased and re-plastered to bury the pipes for a clean modern look.

Plastic pipe:

Although copper pipe is used for both hot and cold water, any house built in the last ten to fifteen years will probably use plastic for the supply lines. Plastic pipe is actually preferred by plumbers as it can easily be bent to accommodate odd angles and if the angle is not tight, plastic pipe can even turn a corner. Rather than solder the joints, they are simple pressed together and sealed with a solvent which “welds” the components to one another.

Plastic pipe, which is now used in many bathrooms in Bromsgrove, is very easy and quick to cut. It is even quicker to assemble than the non-solder style copper

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