What does it take to build a garage?

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Plumbing

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A garage is usually an unheated space which is used to store a car and other household equipment. In most cases the garage is either attached directly to the house or it free stands very close by, the proximity to the house makes it convenient for the homeowner. When Builders East Kilbride are called in to construct the garage they take into account four stages; first is to pin point the ideal location, next is to lay the foundation and floor slab, then the garage is framed and finally the roof is put on.

Before anything is done, it is necessary to get permission from the council to build the structure. There are zoning laws and building regulations that must be followed long before the first nail is driven. There will be certain forms that need to be completed and handed to the building department. If these initial steps are not taken, the council has every right to have the garage torn down which will cost a great deal of money and time. The rules are usually more relaxed if the garage is to be built in a rural area, but the rules are strict in an urban setting.

The best possible location for the garage is right at the end of the driveway, close to the house. It is preferable that the garage be sited where there is no need to cut mature trees. The Builders in East Kilbride will usually make a survey of the area to find if there are any buried services such as gas, water, sewer or electrical. Although the foundation and slab are not deep as they are when building a house, laying the slab over these services should be avoided in the event of a future problem.

A good garage requires a good foundation, flat and with right angle corners. Surveying equipment is usually used to ensure that the floor is as level as possible. The floor size is boxed with timers and filled with concrete, using poured over a gravel bed.

At this stage, carpenters arrive on site to frame the garage, creating the walls. The walls are usually framed on the slab and lifted into an upright position; they contain openings for the main door, pass door and windows. The last thing is to construct the roof of which flat is the easiest and the least expensive.

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