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by | Jul 9, 2013 | Plumbing

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At some point in time, nearly everyone in the Lakeland FL area is going to need a plumber. All sorts of things can go wrong in a bathroom, from clogs, to leaks, to and even sewer backups. All of these things require immediate attention from a plumber so they can be fixed and back to normal use. True Plumbers In Lakeland FL will take care of all of the area’s plumbing needs with the many services they offer.

Basic Repair Plumbers will often come out to do basic service repairs. Anytime there is an emergency and a plumber is needed quickly, residents in the Lakeland FL area can call True Plumbers and get someone out fast.

Sewer BackupsSewer backups are one thing that requires a plumber. This is never any fun for homeowners to deal with, and they need it taken care of immediately to keep bacteria from building up. A plumber will remove the waste and get things fixed.

Unclogging DrainsMost times when drains are clogged, a plumber is called to take care of it. Many drains get clogged so badly that a simple plunger will not do the trick. A snake and other specialized tools used by a plumber are required to declog the drain and get it running properly again.

Pipe InstallationsOlder pipes will eventually corrode, requiring new pipes to be installed. With old pipes that are fragile, it leads to leaks happening more often. By installing new pipes, these issues will be prevented.

Water Heater ChecksThe majority of homes have a water heater in order to make the water that comes from the sink and shower hot so people can bathe and wash their hands. A plumber will come out to check the water heater is working correctly if the water hasn’t seemed to get as hot lately. They will also install a new heater if the original one has stopped working, or simply repair it if it is possible to do so.

True Plumbers In Lakeland FL are capable of performing all kinds of different services for their customers. Whether someone needs a water heater repaired, new pipes, their drain unclogged, or any other type of repair or installation, they will be able to take care of it.


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