Things to Know Before Sewer Repair in Indianapolis IN

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Plumbing

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A home’s sewer line may not be readily visible, but it should still be considered. The lines carry water from the main to the home and carry waste away. Many lines are failing, which makes breakages more likely. Below are several things for homeowners to know about their sewer lines.

The Line’s Material and Age

If a home was built prior to 1980, its sewer lines are likely composed of clay that’s more likely to deteriorate. In homes built over 50 years ago, lines are typically made of ductile or cast iron, which can corrode with time. Before Sewer Repair in Indianapolis IN, the plumber will determine the age and condition of the sewer lines.

Soil Composition

Some types of soil are tougher on sewer pipes than others. For instance, clay soils are highly corrosive because of their low resistivity and high chloride levels. On the other hand, sand is inert, which makes this type of soil ideal for sewer lines.

Tree Location in Relation to Sewer Lines

Trees’ roots will seek out sewer lines because they are rich in nutrients and water. A common problem occurs when tree roots infiltrate sewer lines. If there are fully grown trees near water pipes, it’s likely that Sewer Repair in Indianapolis IN will be necessary at some point.

Warning Signs

Several signs indicate a sewer problem. If water fixtures provide an unsteady stream, there may be a leak somewhere along the line. Slow drainage and clogged toilets can indicate a blockage or break in a sewer line. By dealing with these problems promptly, homeowners can save on expensive repairs.

Insurance Coverage

Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover sewer line breaks, and customers should know that they’re responsible for the lines on their property. This is why it is vital to address trouble signs before they become severe.

What to Do If There’s a Problem

If a homeowner believes they have a sewer or water line issue, they can call Business Name for help. Visit the website to learn about the company’s sewer repair services, or call today to speak with a trained representative.

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