Plumbers in Midlothian TX Can Fix Problems Quickly

by | May 26, 2020 | Plumbing

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A plumbing system ensures that a family can take hot showers and use the toilet, as well as wash the dishes and clothing. When a d`rain becomes clogged or a hot water heater breaks down, plumbers in Midlothian TX can help the family quickly get back to normal. The professionals at Direct Service Company have years of experience providing comprehensive plumbing repairs and installations. They can quickly locate the source of a leak or clog in a pipe. Their well-trained technicians are familiar with all major brands and models of water heaters.

Not only is a backed up toilet inconvenient, it can be a health hazard if it overflows. Homeowners may try and use a plunger or chemical treatment and find they made the problem worse. Today’s plumbers have sophisticated camera equipment that can allow them to find and diagnose the clogged drain problem quickly. Hydro jetting equipment can force water through the pipes at high pressure to dislodge most clogs. However, some clogs are caused by tree roots. It is necessary for the plumber to use a strong and mechanized claw at the end of a steel cable to clear out the root. If the pipe has not been broken, the job is done. The plumber can use the camera equipment to determine if the pipe needs to be replaced.

Hot water is helps family members maintain sanitary conditions in the home. It’s therefore a good idea for homeowners to have their hot water heater serviced every year. This will reduce the need for emergency visits. Sometimes growing families do outgrow their water heater. As toddlers become teens, the household can use a lot more hot water. If the family finds they are always forced to take short showers and schedule them around dish washing and clothes washing, they should talk to plumbers in Midlothian TX about upgrading to a larger water heater. They may also want to consider a tankless water heater. This technology uses less energy to heat water, because it isn’t stored in a large tank. It also provides more hot water at any one time. A plumbing contractor is the best professional to explain the different options to the homeowner.

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