Considering Dual Water Heaters Installation in Greenville County SC

by | May 27, 2020 | Plumbing

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Hot water is something usually taken for granted, until it’s not there. Not too many people enjoy a cold shower right before bed and nobody can wash greasy dishes well without the aid of hot water. Of course, there are times when there isn’t enough hot water for all the needs of everyone in the home. It may be when trying to take a hot shower after the teenagers of the house are done and there’s no hot water left. Maybe the home has a large tub, just perfect for relaxation, if only there were enough hot water to fill it to make it enjoyable. At times like this many plumbers will suggest the homeowner install two hot water heaters. It’s usually more cost effective to do this compared to one large unit.

When considering dual water heaters installation in Greenville County SC, some plumbing companies suggest running the two heaters in a series and others feel that running the tanks parallel is much preferred. When choosing to run the tanks in a series, one tank does more of the work than the other. The water fills the first tank and heats it up for use. The hot water then goes into the second tank and is held until it is needed. If it isn’t used immediately, the second tank will sporadically run to keep the water at the proper heated temperature, but the work of the second tank is kept to a minimum. Unfortunately, though one tank is used much more than the other, the tanks usually must be replaced close to the same time, as corrosion usually occurs in both.

Plumbers that recommend dual water heaters installation in Greenville County SC be done in a parallel fashion will run both heaters to work simultaneously. This method allows both heaters to be run on the cold side of the water outlet and both join together to the hot side. Both tanks heat the water, hold the water to the proper temperature and both empty at the same time. By configuring the tanks in this manner, it’s believed that both tanks will be ready to be replaced at approximately the same time.

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