Indications in Which to Call the Sewer Line Replacement Service in Columbus, IN

by | Dec 30, 2015 | Plumbing

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A sewer line breakage is one of the worst plumbing disasters to occur. This is because all of the waste from the household gets dumped into the basement area or the yard. It is also the one system that catch homeowners by surprise. These are the signs the sewer line will need to be replaced.

The smell of sewage in the basement or garage is a strong indication that the lines are failing. Usually, pipes that are on failing have already developed a series of leaks. These leaks will continue to get worse. Depending on the location of the pipes, the smell can be detected before the liquid is found. The Sewer Line Replacement Service in Columbus IN will have to investigate the point where the pipe needs to be replaced.

The use of cast iron piping in the plumbing system is another indication of the need for a replacement. Cast iron was commonly used in the construction of piping in older homes. While it was once prized for its long life, the system is prone to rust. Many older homes have this type of piping for the sewer lines. Replacement of the lines will need to be done sooner than later because of the age and the high probability of leakage.

Wet areas on the lawn are indicative of a failing sewer line. Since most sewer lines are buried, the first indication of a leakage is wet spots that can’t be accounted for by sprinkler systems or rain. The Sewer Line Replacement Service in Columbus IN will have to dig up the lines for this type of replacement. Damage to the lines can also be done by digging projects that nick the pipes. All runs of the sewer lines must be identified before the landscaping projects are started to prevent having to replace the pipes.

Sewer lines are an important part of the home’s plumbing system. Damage to the lines can create major issues for the household. The smell of sewer, the use of cast iron and wet spots on the lawn can indicate a failure of these lines. If there is any indication of a problem, contact Matlock Plumbing Inc for replacement.

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