5 Advantages of Portable Hand Washing Stations

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Plumbing

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Based on an article on Content Injection, titled “The Usefulness of Portable Sinks,” here are some of the advantages that portable hand washing stations have to offer:

  • Easy to use and install. Installing a portable sink is easy. Most designs are simple to use too. When it comes to washing station models that still employ a faucet, though, hand contact could encourage unsterile conditions and germ exposure. That’s why models that come with foot springs work the best, especially for sanitation purposes, since hand contact isn’t necessary to operate the station.
  • No need to connect to a main plumbing system. There’s no need to hire the services of a plumber and technician to link any of the portable sinks to the main plumbing system of the house or building. These portable sinks come with their own plumbing system. All you need to do is to empty out and refill the water tanks regularly. Most models from Monsam, though, allow for both hot and cold water. So make sure to note that detail down when you start shopping around for a portable sink.
  • Comes in a variety of styles, designs and sizes. There are plenty of portable hand washing stations available to suit your every need. There are portable sinks with multiple basins, available in maple or other shades, when requested. In addition to these, there are also science lab stations with portable sinks, portable sink trailers, propane powered portable sinks, sinks with wood designs, NSF certified sinks and even food and coffee carts that come with portable sinks. With so many designs built to address specific functions and industries, you’re sure to get the portable sink that’s ideal for what you have in mind.
  • Space-efficient. Because the sinks are portable, they can be moved from one spot to another. That allows you a lot of leeway and flexibility in terms of fixing the layout of a room. Also, if the space gets a bit too crowded, you could always wheel the sink off to another room or nudge it back into a corner, then wheel it out again when space clears.
  • Mobile. With the smaller models, if you need to cart your portable sink out to a camping location, you can. Some are small enough that they can fit into a van without any problem.

These are 5 advantages that portable sinks have to offer. Interested? Explore your choices and give it a shot.

Interested in buying portable hand washing stations? For choices, visit us at Monsam.

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