Harmful Myths Debunked by Plumber Falls Church, VA Experts

by | Jul 17, 2012 | Piping And Plumbing Fittings

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You’ve probably heard several things about plumbing that simply aren’t true. For instance, have you heard that you should put lemons in your garbage disposal to get rid of any foul odors? If so, do you think that’s good for your plumbing system? There are several myths that go around and your caring plumber Falls Church, VA experts want to debunk some of them to prevent you from causing damage to your pipes and other plumbing areas of your home.

Lemons and Garbage Disposals

While lemons do make your garbage disposal smell good, but the acidity from these sour fruits can corrode the metal parts inside the mechanism. Instead, put ice cubes down the garbage disposal to help get the offending odors washed away.

Plumbing Fixtures Require Little Maintenance

There are several plumbing fixtures in your home that need maintenance for proper operation. Sometimes it’s as simple as using those fixtures regularly. A hot water heater, for instance, can create highly explosive gasses if it sits unused for too long. Just use all of your plumbing fixtures from time to time to make sure they continue to work right. If you have fixtures that have rusted or stopped working, call a plumber Falls Church, VA repair person to fix it for you to make sure it gets done right.

Unlicensed Plumbers are the Same as Licensed Ones

Anybody can call themselves a plumber and work on pipes, but that doesn’t mean they have the credentials, experience or even skills to do the job right. All it takes is a simple mistake and you could have to pay thousands of dollars to fix the damage that has been done from a self-proclaimed plumber. Before hiring a plumber Falls Church, VA professional, make sure they have a license and they are insured in case something goes wrong with the job that they did. You should also read reviews of the plumber that you are going to hire so you can see if they have a list of satisfied customers from previous jobs. Otherwise, find someone who is more reputable and has the references and the credentials to prove it.

Your plumber Falls Church, VA company doesn’t want you to mess up your plumbing system by believing any of these myths that are almost in the same category as “fact” because they have been repeated so often. Protect your plumbing and your home by doing things right and consulting with a plumbing professional instead of believing everything you read online.

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