Avoid Excessive Damage With Rapid Frozen Pipe Repair in Charleston SC

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There are many ways that plumbing can fail, but during the winter, there is one common concern that many people share: frozen pipes. The specific Frozen Pipe Repair in Charleston SC may not be all that difficult, but fixing things, so the problem doesn’t occur again takes a bit more effort. This is necessary because a broken water pipe can cause a lot of destruction if it isn’t found in time. Even worse, frozen pipes mean no flowing water inside the building so the occupants can’t even cook or clean.

Most people believe that frozen pipes occur because the water inside the pipe freezes and expands. While this is one part of the cause, it isn’t the actual reason that pipes burst. There are various possibilities such as a weak pipe or joint, However, the primary cause of the rupture is the pressurized water inside the pipe. That is, as the water freezes and expands; it puts further pressure on any remaining liquid. The water has nowhere to go, and this causes excessive pressure in more confined areas, a process that occurs because water isn’t compressible.

Of course, there are ways to reduce the chance of a frozen pipe and avoid an expensive repair. For example, bury the main portion of the line deep enough that the cold from the surrounding soil doesn’t affect it. The main pipe should be insulated and if necessary, exposed areas should be wrapped with a heat trace. The trace can help avoid Frozen Pipe Repair in Charleston SC because it provides a small amount of heat to keep the water from freezing. The downside of heating tape is the constant need for an electrical supply.

It may be possible to avoid certain pipe failures by releasing the pressure on one or both ends. Consider the outdoor valves that are simple taps into the main line. By closing the supply to the tap and opening the valve, the pipe is less likely to rupture. Keep in mind that this trick can be hazardous if used incorrectly. For instance, when turning off the water main and opening the valves to clear the pipes. This particular situation could rupture any closed pipe between the shutoff valve and the main connection or any pipes that don’t drain thoroughly. Contact the experts at Preferred Home Services for more info.

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