Your Questions Answered About Sink Drainage Problems And Drain Cleaning In Wichita KS

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Plumbing

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If your sinks are slow to drain or if you frequently have a clogged drain, it’s time that you contact a company that performs Drain Cleaning in Wichita KS. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn why you’re experiencing drain problems and how a professional can fix them for you.

Q.) What causes a drain to frequently become clogged?

A.) When you don’t fully clear a clogged drain, it will continue clogging up until the entire clog is gone. Your sink may drain when the clog is partially gone, but after a short time, the clog will build up again and prevent your sink from draining. A professional will use special tools and equipment to remove the entire clog from your drain pipes.

Q.) Why are several drains in the house clogged at the same time?

A.) If your sink, toilet and bathtub drains are all clogged at once, this is a sign that you have a clog deep down in your drain lines. Since these pipes are located far from each individual fixture and the clog may be in an underground pipe, this is a job for a professional. A plumber who specializes in Drain Cleaning in Wichita KS will have to run a drain snake deep down into your plumbing lines to break up the clog.

Q.) Why is there a sewer odor coming from the bathtub drain?

A.) If you smell sewage in the drain of your bathtub, you could have a broken pipe in your sewer. Instead of traveling down the pipes to the septic tank, the sewer odor will escape through the crack in the pipe and flow up through your drain. A plumber will inspect your pipes to determine the exact location of the break in your pipe. If a small area is broken, a plumber can replace the faulty piece and your pipe will be as good as new. If the plumber discovers that your sewer pipes are malfunctioning because they are old, you may need to have your entire sewer line replaced.

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