Why Would a Homeowner Need Some Drain Cleaners in Minneapolis?

Why Would a Homeowner Need Some Drain Cleaners in Minneapolis?

Drain Cleaners in Minneapolis

Are you looking for professional drain cleaners in Minneapolis? If your drain has a clog, it can be the most frustrating thing in the world. These experienced technicians can help you solve any clog.

Usually, clogs are caused by tree roots that interfere with the drain or grease. Pipe scale can also build up and start to block proper drainage. On the other hand, some clogs result from shifting pipes or products being flushed down the toilet.

When cleaning the pipes, the technicians will start with a cable machine. The cable machine is typically enough to dislodge debris, but if it is not, they move up to a high-speed chain knocker. This equipment gives a little more power to its debris clearance. Finally, if the chain knocker is insufficient, the technicians may suggest jetting.

Here are a few of the drain types that they work on:

• Bathroom Sink Drains
• Toilets
• Main Sewer Line
• Kitchen Drains
• Laundry Drains
• Floor Drains
• Urinals

Drain Maintenance

Regular maintenance can keep the water in your home flowing freely, preventing backups. Each house is different, and some require annual maintenance while others do not. This team of Ron the Sewer Rat does preventative maintenance plans according to your home’s needs.

Cleaning to the Street

When the technician cleans the pipes, they will use a blade or cutter to push out debris. They can clean to where your home’s piping meets the main line on the street. That is because the pipes have different diameters, so they need to enter the mainline elsewhere.

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