Why Do I Need a Portable Sink for My Event?

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Plumbing

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Running water is something a lot of people take for granted when working in a kitchen or restaurant, allowing the chefs and line cooks to constantly be able to wash their hands after handling different foods. However, when you are at an outdoor event, you don’t have the same access to water. With a portable hand-washing sink for your booth or designated cooking area, you eliminate the worry of contamination and excessive messes.


Keeping your hands clean and sanitary is essential to preventing the cross-contamination of ingredients, like meat and non-meat foods. Even if you use sterile gloves, you can still leave germs on the outside of the glove when you put them on. With access to a sink, you can wash your hands between foods, promoting a healthier environment for food preparation, which results in happy and healthy customers as well.

Easy Access to Running Water

The most obvious reason to rent a sink for your event is the access you would have to running water. If you choose a company that gives you both hot and cold water, you are able to get a drink, wash dishes, or just wash your hands between activities. Without running water readily available, you may have to run back and forth between an outdoor source, which may already be in use by another person or fundraising group. A portable sink allows you private access.

Quick Cleanup

While you may be able to minimize cleanup with disposable dishes and utensils, you will still need to be able to clean up your machines and cookware. Rather than taking them back to your home or office to clean up, a portable sink allows you to clean up at the site, leaving you less to handle after the event is over. Clean your dishes throughout the day for a more time-efficient cleanup.

To Rent or to Buy?

Portable products are all about convenience, but you may want to weight the options of buying or purchasing the portable sink. If you only put on a fundraiser or other catered event once or twice a year, it may be a better financial choice to continue to rent. However, purchasing portable water access is a better choice, if you constantly have activities that need access. Regardless of renting or buying, a portable sink makes the entire event run smoother and easier.

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