When the Need Arises for Prompt Sump Pump Repair

by | Jan 19, 2022 | Plumbing

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Sump pumps are part of a home’s water drainage system, preventing rainwater and melting snow from flooding a basement. Water that would otherwise move into the general basement area is directed to a drainage well with a pump that activates when the water reaches a certain level. A pressure sensor or float activation arm triggers the discharge. The pump sends the water through a hose to the yard. If the pump malfunctions, prompt attention is necessary. For sump pump repair in St Louis residents can rely on plumbers who provide this service.

Some houses have a basement but don’t have a sump pump because the feature was not included when the structure was built. Not all basements are vulnerable to flooding, but certain municipalities require sump pumps for all homes built after a certain date. It’s an affordable feature that is useful for discharging water from the central air unit and furnace exhaust condensation, even if water never seeps in from outdoors. Homeowners also can run a drainage hose from a dehumidifier to the sump pump well.

When it comes to sump pump repair in St Louis residents may call plumbing companies for assistance. Unless there has been a severe rainstorm or a large amount of snow is melting, this often is a non-emergency service. When the drainage well is filling up fast, however, the homeowners will need quick emergency service no matter what time of day it is. Otherwise, they have little choice but to bail water from the well.

If the pump has reached the end of its useful life, plumbers who repair this equipment also can install a new one. Pumps are available at hardware stores and home improvement stores, but homeowners typically want a professional to do the installation rather than make this a do-it-yourself project. The device must be properly balanced or it will not shut off automatically as it’s supposed to. The float or sensor must be set precisely so the pump doesn’t run too often but also doesn’t allow the water level to get too high. A company such as Classic Aire Care offers repair and installation service. Visit ClassicAireCare.com for information.

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