What is Involved with Plumbing in San Fernando Valley?

by | Mar 11, 2013 | Plumbing

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The average home consists of a series of pipes and drains that are located behind walls and under floors that both provide the water supply to the entirety of the house and assist in removing waste water and other waste products. In the average city, the home will draw water from a common supply and remove waste in to a common sewer system. The plumbing inside a home also generally supplies the water source for outdoor locations, such as a backyard hose or a sprinkler system. It is a system that generally works very well as long as all lines are kept maintained and in good working order. In a rural setting, or simply one that is not connected to the main city water source for whatever reason, the water source for a home comes from a well.

The pipes located in the interior of the home lead from a main line to any location in the home where water can be obtained, such as sinks, showers, toilets, or appliances that use water to function. These systems work with a combination of pumps and pressurization that ensures the water travels freely throughout the home. Common city water supplies are managed by the local water company, who both provide residents with clean, usable water as well as handle waste water that is returned through the sewer system.

Piping systems are made up of various materials, depending on the need or situation. Interior piping such as what may be found under a sink can often be made of PVC. Copper is also very common for general water transport throughout the home. Lead piping exists but is very rarely used given potential health concerns. Galvanized steel is another possibility, but its use is limited as it has the potential to develop rust, which can then turn up in the water. In older homes this can be seen from time to time as bits of rust break free and come out in sinks and showers.

Interior plumbing in San Fernando Valley or elsewhere is a complex, yet also relatively simple design that has been fairly well perfected over the past century. In fact, some of the very first sewer and water mainlines that were ever installed in certain cities are still functional, a testament to the skill and knowledge that went in to developing such systems. However, as some of these systems can be a century old or more, they are also beginning to require repair work or replacement parts due to wear and tear over time. But if a city can maintain a healthy and more complex plumbing system over such an extended period of time, you can have confidence that the fairly simply plumbing within your own home should last you a lifetime.

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