Water Heaters Olivebranch MS: Reasons Hot Water May Be Running Low

by | Oct 5, 2016 | Plumbing

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There is nothing more frustrating than running out of hot water while trying to wash dishes, take a bath or take a shower. While no one expects that their hot water will last forever, in most cases it gets colder gradually, rather than just going out suddenly. There are a number of reasons why Water Heaters Olivebranch MS may be running out of hot water or why it doesn’t produce any hot water, to begin with. Learning what these reasons are can help ensure a homeowner seeks repairs in a timely manner.

The Unit May be Leaking

A common reason that Water Heaters in Olivebranch MS aren’t producing a sufficient amount of hot water is because it has a small leak. If a homeowner is unaware of the issue, it could get quite bad before being noticed. If there is a leak, it will be harder to keep the tank full, which reduces the amount of hot water available. If a homeowner notices that there is water all around their unit, or that it is dripping out of the unit, they may be losing water, which means it is time to find a replacement.

There May is an Issue with the Home’s Gas

There are a number of water heaters that run on gas power. This means if there is no gas going to them, they won’t be able to produce hot water. The first step is to see if the gas is on and to make sure there are no leaks present. If a homeowner is having issues with their gas supply, they should call the local utility company right away.

The Water Heater Isn’t Big Enough

Generally, a 40-gallon tank should be plenty to have a steady hot water supply. However, if a homeowner has a bigger house or higher than normal water demands, then they may need to install a bigger tank to remain warm while taking a shower or to leave enough hot water for cleaning clothes or dishes.

Unfortunately, hot water issues occur from time to time. If the issue is a lack of hot water, using the troubleshooting tips here can be beneficial. If a homeowner is still unable to handle the problem, then they should contact the staff at Drain Go Plumbing or click here.

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