Video Drain Inspection in Bowie MD Lets Homeowners Know What’s Going On Underground

by | May 16, 2018 | Plumbing

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A Video Drain Inspection in Bowie MD can identify precise problems deep in the sewer line that are causing backups. Plumbers who provide this service run a small camera down the line all the way to where it connects the municipal system. The video shows them where tree roots have entered and where cracks in the pipe are located.

Cracks and Joints

Usually, cracks in underground sewer pipes are minor, having been caused over the years by natural earth shifts. Tree roots are attracted to those flaws, however, since the roots detect water and fertilizer. The roots also can grow into pipe joints that gradually become loose as time goes by.

When Major Pipe Repair Is Necessary

A Video Drain Inspection in Bowie MD may uncover a more serious crack that is allowing so many roots to grow into the pipe that the problem should be resolved. After this camera inspection by a contractor such as B. McCall Plumbing & Heating, the property owner may want to schedule excavation or trenchless pipe replacement with the same company. This is a major repair job, but it is necessary. A large flaw in the pipe allows raw sewage to seep out underground and may pollute area groundwater.

Trenchless pipe repair allows for the work to be completed without as much digging in the yard. The old pipe is not directly replaced, but a sheath can be inserted to block any existing flaws. The pipe’s diameter now is only a fraction smaller than it was before.

Inspection Before Home Sale Closing

Sometimes a camera inspection is done simply to ensure that this kind of work is unnecessary. For example, a sewer backup might occur during the closing of a home sale. The buyers are justifiably nervous, and the sellers need to know what condition the sewer pipe is in. Clearing tree roots may be all that is needed. Root growth in sewer lines is very common on properties with trees relatively near the pipe. Although backups are dismaying, they typically do not indicate a major problem. Check out Domain to find out more about camera pipeline inspection.

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