Trenchless Pipe Repair in West Des Moines, IA Normally Takes Place near the Fixture

by | Nov 26, 2018 | Plumbing

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Most problems that require Trenchless Pipe Repair in West Des Moines, IA take place near the plumbing fixture such as Behle Inc. the sink or tub. There are times when pipes can freeze, sweat or make strange noises and when this happens corrective action is necessary.

Leaking pipes can be a real problem, although not all leaking pipes can flood your home, some can. Regardless of the intensity of the leak, Trenchless Pipe Repair in West Des Moines, IA is mandatory. If the leak is not much more than a drip coming from a joint it may be possible to stop it by simply tightening the joint, if the leak is in the pipe itself then Trenchless Pipe Repair in West Des Moines, IA simply suggests that the leaking section of pipe be removed and replaced with a new section. This suggestion, although it sounds simple, is not as simple as one might think. If the pipe is threaded and you attempt to unscrew it from a joint at one end, the pipe will attempt to screw itself in at the opposite end, if the system uses copper pipe the replacement section must be soldered in position.

Most leaking pipes should be turned over to a plumber who is capable of performing Trenchless Pipe Repair in West Des Moines, IA. If you want a fix that will last until the plumber can be arranged you can consider a pipe patch kit. Pipe patch kits can be found in any hardware store and they consist of a rubber pad and two clamp halves which, when bolted together, compress the rubber and seal the leak. Most times a Trenchless Pipe Repair patch kit is only a temporary solution but if the rest of the pipe is in good condition there is no reason that it cannot be considered as a permanent solution.

If the problem is a banging sound the Trenchless Pipe Repair in West Des Moines, IA solution is reasonably easy to cure. When your pipes bang it’s technically called a water hammer but water hammer is only one of the reasons why pipes bang. If you only hear the sound when you turn on a tap the pipes are more than likely hitting against the wall or some other object. It’s much easier to affect this Trenchless Pipe Repair in West Des Moines, IA if the pipes are visible. Turn on the tap and look for movement in the pipe system, once you find where the movement is you can isolate it and the banging will stop. If the pipe is exposed a block of wood can be wedged between it and the wall and a clamp affixed to the wood, if the pipe is behind a wall, try to silence the banging by inserting a foam rubber pad at each end where the pipe enters and leaves the wall. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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