Top Signs You Need Air Conditioning Installation Services

Top Signs You Need Air Conditioning Installation Services

Keeping your home cool is important. It’s more than just about comfort, it’s about health too. A well-conditioned home will help keep you and your family cool and supply you with cleaner, filtered air. This is especially important in the summertime when temperatures tend to be on the rise. You’ll be thankful to have a working air conditioner.

In general, most air conditioning units last around 10 to 15 years. When it comes time to make a replacement, you’ll be faced with a lot of decisions. One thing you should always be sure to do is hire a professional to help you with your installation. Here are a few of the top signs you need a new air conditioning unit and air conditioning installation services.

You’re Calling for Repairs Regularly

If you notice that you’re regularly calling for repairs, it may be time to have a new system installed. Recurring problems can be costly and usually indicate it’s time for a new unit. Also, be sure to pay some attention to your energy bills. If you notice a steady incline in costs with no other explanation, your unit may no longer be functioning efficiently, so you may need to make a replacement.

Your Unit Is Over a Decade Old

If your unit is over a decade old, you’ll want to start thinking about a replacement. While a unit that is cared for optimally may last longer, most units will start to decline in their efficiency at around the 10 year mark, which is why air conditioning installation services are recommended.

Your Unit Is Noisy

Excessive noises are never normal. In general, your unit should be fairly quiet. Unusual noises usually indicate that there is a hardware issue, but it could be something more complicated. In any case, you’ll want a professional to assess your unit and make a repair or replacement accordingly. To learn more about when to replace your unit, contact Dave Jones, Inc. by visiting or calling (608) 222-8490. You can view their ideas and boards on Pinterest for more information!

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