Tired Of Getting A Cold Shower? You Probably Need A Water Repair

Tired Of Getting A Cold Shower? You Probably Need A Water Repair

The feel of a hot shower in the morning or a soothing bath in the evening is always such a nice feeling. What do you do when run out of hot water to be able to enjoy one of those? You should contact a Water Heater Repair in St. George UT. They can check your hot water tank and see what is causing the problem. It may be a simple fix like a burned out heating element.

Water heaters take a lot of abuse in the average home. The dishwasher, the washing machine as well as daily bathing keeps your water tank working several hours a day. Trying to diagnose your hot water problems isn’t necessary when you contact a professional plumber. They are not safe to work on if you have no experience with hot water tanks.

For example, if you have a gas hot water tank, do you have any idea the steps that need taken before safely checking your tank? Do you know where to shut the gas off? Do you know if you drain the tank before or after you shut the gas off? Did you know that it has to be vented properly or you could fill your home with carbon monoxide that could kill you and your family? It’s just not worth those costs.

A professional plumber can tell you whether a Water Heater Repair in St. George UT can take place or if you need an entirely new hot water tank. If they find rust or a small pinhole leak, you need to replace your tank, not repair it. If you a thermostat that is bad or a pilot light that won’t light, they may be able repair it. The biggest determining factor is the age of your hot water tank.

Hot water tanks only last about 6-8 years. It doesn’t matter if you have well water or treated water. A build-up of minerals or sediment in your tank happens with both types of water. Only a professional like St. George Water Heaters can repair your tank and give you the hot shower that you use to have. Don’t try to fix the tank yourself, call a professional. For more information visit https://stgwaterheaters.com/

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