Tips That Prevent Clogging Of Your Home’s Drainage System

by | May 24, 2013 | Plumbing

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A beautiful home is an asset that people long to possess to make their lifestyles impressive and satisfying. People with investing capacities prefer putting their business premises in huge and modern building structures. However, poor drainage can make the elegance of your home environment extremely messy and unpleasant. You should have a professional Long Beach plumber in the construction site, when building your new home and other residential places.

The plumbers also install bathroom and toilet auxiliaries such as glass shelves, sponge and soap holders, towel racks, medicine closets, and paper holders. To improve your home’s drainage areas, you will have to hire a Long Beach plumber to install vent, soil, and water waste pipelines. This doesn’t mean that plumbers only work in residential places, but also install sewerage drains along the streets.

It’s very hard to fix some plumbing facilities without instructions from a plumbing expert. Fixation of sewerage, water, drainage, and gas systems demands skills and aptitude of a professional Long Beach plumber. Some of the home areas that require argent plumbing fixation include:

Hot water tank

Water filters

Suction tanks


Water meters

Cold-water tanks

Water closets

Water basins




Tips to prevent your drains from clogs

Ensure that you pour the grease into the rubbish cans and dispose them in the garbage site. Don’t make a mistake of spilling grease and oils into the sink. The grease will spread in the interiors of the drainage pipes, causing accumulation of food particles that eventually clog the drainage system.

Pour plenty of water in the food-grinding sink, to flush the food components down the pipe. Using little water in the sink, leads to accumulation of food particles along the drainage pipes.

Always avoid emptying coffee grounds in the sinks.

Pour a basin of boiling water down the drain system at least once in a week, to melt any grease and fatty components along the drain.

Ensure a thorough cleaning to the entire pop-up stoppers in your sinks to remove the hairballs that clog the pipes.

Avoid flushing heavy paper products along the drain. Accumulation of papers in the drainage pipes clogs the entire sewer system.

Shun away from pouring hot waxes and dump chemicals such as thinner paints

Call a Long Beach plumber to inspect your septic tank at least once per every three months

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