Tips on Handling Leaking Pipes That Need Plumbing Repair in Lubbock

by | Sep 16, 2013 | Plumbing

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Anytime that there is a leak in a home it can be a very distressful situation for the household. Not only do they have to worry with stopping the leak, but they also may have damages that the leak has caused to the structure of the home and their personal property as well. In such situations, it is generally best for the homeowner to contact a professional who handles Plumbing Repair Lubbock.

One of the first things that a homeowner in this situation should do is to try shutting off the water to the area where the leak is occurring. This can often be done by turning off the water valves, which are located closest to the leak. Water valve shut offs are generally located behind the toilet or under faucets.

If the shut off valves inside the home do not stop the water flow, then it may be necessary to turn all the water off to the house by shutting off the main water valve. This valve is often found near the water meter, which is generally outside of the home behind the house or near the street. It can be designed in a number of different ways and so it may shut off with a normal sprinkler type of shut off valve. Some shut off valves require a wrench or other type of tool to shut them off. If a homeowner has any difficulties in handling this step, he or she may want to contact a plumber for emergency help or call their local water utility company for assistance.

Once the water is shut off, the homeowner may want to do a bit of investigation to see the leak can be found. This can be especially true if the leak occurs during a weekend or after normal business hours. Since many Plumbing Repair Lubbock charge extra for emergency assistance, sometimes a homeowner may want to try to locate the source of the problem and try to patch it until regular business hours.

Most hardware stores have patch kits that include all the items necessary for this type of temporary repair. They often will only work on hairline cracks, so it is important to check the type of leak first. Kits generally contain a special type of adhesive product and a special tape or rubber pad to go over the leak. This can often provide a temporary fix to the problem.

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