Tips on Dealing with a Slab Leak in Palm Desert CA

by | Mar 6, 2014 | Plumbing

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One of the most common problems a plumber may face in homes with concrete foundations is Slab Leak Palm Desert CA. Because the plumbing of the home is placed under the foundation, it can be greatly impacted by shifts in the ground. When the ground shifts, it can cause the plumbing to shift as well, which can leak to leaks or other types of problems, which will require a plumber to correct.

Generally discovering a Slab Leak Palm Desert CA can be a difficult task. Most homeowner may not know they have a problem until they notice a drop in the water pressure in their home or their water bills rise substantially for unclear reasons. When this occurs, it can be a good idea for the homeowner to do a bit of investigative work to try to determine the problem.

One of the first things a homeowner can do to determine if they have a Slab Leak Palm Desert CA is to look around the foundation of the home for any signs of water or areas, which are wet for no reason. Sometimes a homeowner will be able to determine there is a leak because they notice mold or mildew under the carpets of the home. Another way to determine if there is a leak is by checking for any unexplainable warm areas on the floor.

If after their inspection the homeowner thinks they may have a Slab Leak Palm Desert CA, they will want to contact a plumber as soon as possible. When the plumber arrives, the first thing they will do is to conduct their own inspection of the home and slab. If they determine there is a leak, they will first need to remove the carpet or other type of flooring product on the area. They will next need to drill into the concrete slab using a concrete drill bit. Most plumbers will try to make this opening as small as possible, but they will need to make it large enough to access the pipes where the leak is occurring.

The water will need to be shut off before a cut is made in the pipes to remove the damaged pipe. The new pipe will then be installed in its place. Once this is done and the pipe has had a chance to seal, the slab will be repaired and flooring replaced.

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