The Plus Points and Downside of Sulfuric Acid Drain Cleaner

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Plumbing

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Sulphuric acid is very good at drain cleaning in Indianapolis IN; however, it is extremely dangerous to be around. It is not difficult to use and it is equally easy to buy in low concentrations. When used to clean a drain blockage it can break down many contaminates usually found in a clog and in the process will generate heat which helps to melt the blockage which is often soap scum and hair.

As good as it may be at removing a clog; it emits fumes, is corrosive and can burn any skin that it comes into contact with. If used improperly, it can cause someone’s death. There are very strict rules to follow when using sulfuric acid as a drain cleaner, if these rules are followed to the letter and all safety precautions are followed, and then the concerns lose their validity.

The plus points:

The primary reason for using sulfuric acid for drain cleaning in Indianapolis IN is the material’s ability to move just about anything that can cause a blockage. The only exception would be heavy objects which are made from inorganic materials, such as a plastic toy. There is no unique knowledge required to use it, it is simply poured down the drain which is clogged. It continues to work on the clog until it eats and melts its way through and disperses the waste. Any material that was not used can be stored for future use with no ill effects.

The negative points:

As good as it may be, there are a number of disadvantages to using sulfuric acid for drain cleaning Indianapolis IN. The greatest drawback is the fact that it is toxic and it will give off harmful fumes the moment it is exposed to air. These fumes are powerful, powerful enough that they can cause eye damage and they can burn the inside of the nose, throat and lungs. The fumes will stay in the room where the acid was employed until the drain is free and the acid flushed out of the system. In the meantime, anyone in the room should wear a breathing mask and wear safety goggles and the window should be left wide open.

Another thing to consider is that the chemical effect that dissolved the clog will also dissolve anything else it touches, including clothing and skin. If the sulfuric acid does not work and a plumber is called to dislodge the clog, make sure the plumber is aware of the presence of acid so he can take precautions. Sulfuric acid cannot be used in a garbage disposal as there is a distinct possibility that the acid could splash back from the disposal.

Rather than risk using sulfuric acid for drain cleaning in Indianapolis IN, call the Drainman, Inc and have the clog removed by water jetting.

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