The Many Types of Heating Available For Installation

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Plumbing

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If you live in New Jersey, then you will know that it gets extremely cold during the winter. Having your heating system in peak condition is absolutely essential. Whether you need a simple inspection, repairs to an existing heating system, or a whole new heating system, you will need the services of a quality heating installation New Jersey Company that can do the job right. There are many types of heating systems available, but they will be able to guide you on what system might be best in your home.

Water Based Heating

Radiators are very efficient at heating up homes. However, they take up a lot of valuable wall space. When installing a radiator, you need to accommodate for the pipes, radiators, and the central boiler. This is all included in a standard installation. A radiator installation could take from a day to a few days, depending on the size of your home. Installing a central heating system can become pricey, due to the amount of pipes and equipment involved. However, it is a very cost effective system, and you could save thousands of dollars in heating expenses if this type of heating system is installed in your home.

Forced Air Heating Systems

A forced air system heating installation in New Jersey involves a central furnace. From this furnace, heat is pushed around the home through various ducts. The furnace can be powered by gas, electric, or even oil. This all depends on your personal preference. However, some choices are more energy efficient than others. A quality furnace system can last up to 20 years if regular maintenance is performed.

Electric Baseboard Heating

Electric baseboard heating is very affordable in terms of installation. It is cheaper than other types of heating systems to purchase, and it is a lot easier to install. However, it takes up a lot of wall space, and it is not safe to have furniture or curtains near the units. The main benefit of this type of heating is that you can monitor the temperature in each room, as each room has a separate unit.

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