The Importance of Backflow Testing in Huber Heights, OH

The Importance of Backflow Testing in Huber Heights, OH

The majority of people don’t think very much about the cleanliness of the water that comes out of the faucet in their home. They simply expect that if the water comes from a clean source, it will stay that way. Even though this is mostly true, it is possible for water that comes from a clean source to get contaminated when it comes into contact with dirty water. The question is: how does this happen?

This issue occurs when a link is created between potable, clean water and dirty water. The link that is present is referred to as a cross-connection. The way to determine if a cross connection is present is with backflow testing in Huber Heights, OH.

How Backflow Happens

One example of backflow is when a person connects a hose that is running water and drops it into a dirty bucket while filling it. This creates the cross connection. When the water is no longer on, a vacuum action may occur, which will pull the dirty water into the pipe. This is referred to as backflow. It can also occur with sinks if there is a backup of sewage.

The Potential of Harm from Backflow

It is so important to invest in backflow testing in Huber Heights, OH because when unsanitary water flows into the clean source of water, the disease causing bacteria may make people using the water sick. It will only take a very small number of pathogens to create a serious illness. In many cases, this can be deadly.

For example, sewer water that is untreated often contains things such as E.Coli, which can be extremely dangerous. With backflow testing, a homeowner will know whether or not this problem is present and if they need to take action.

More information about this service is available by contacting the professionals from A & L Plumbing. Being informed and knowing the problems that issues with backflow present is important. Don’t ignore this type of issue, since it can be extremely dangerous and, in some cases, even deadly for people using the water.

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