Reduce the Chance of Damage to Your Home With Leak Detection and Drain Inspection by Plumbers in Lawrenceville, GA

by | Oct 19, 2013 | Plumbing

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A leak in your plumbing could quickly ruin your whole day. Not only will the leaking plumbing damage your home, but it can quickly destroy your personal property in the process. Unfortunately, there are few indicators for leaking plumbing although you may see signs of rust or discoloration around the seams and joints if the leak is not very bad. Still, it is a good idea to visually inspect as much of your plumbing as you can get to on a regular basis. This allows you to keep the water damage to a minimum if a leak should occur. However, if inspecting pipe is not your thing then you’re in luck. Many¬† plumbers in Lawrenceville, GA have the time and knowledge to perform this task for you.

Most leak detection is performed by trained plumbers in Lawrenceville, GA using very precise electronic sound detection equipment. These detectors probe the walls for high frequency sounds around any plumbing. This technique is effective because as long as no water is being used in the home the water system will be under a constant pressure. If there are any small holes, cracks or defective joints or seals the pressure of the water will force the liquid to escape. It is the nature of H2O to find the path of least resistance and when it comes to plumbing, any break in the system will do.
Of course, this technique won’t work for sewer lines or drainage systems where there is no constant pressure. For this job you need video equipment and a pipe snake with a pretty long reach. Using the pipe snake to guide the camera your plumbers in Lawrenceville, GA can inspect every inch of the drain lines for cracks or other damage.

In many cases an experienced plumbing service such as Ridgeway Mechanical can repair the sewer lines without having to dig them up. Modern ‘trenchless’ sewer repair uses a pipe liner that covers any damage in the drain line from the inside. However, the repair will only be effective when the original problem no longer exists or if the damage to the existing sewer line isn’t too extensive.

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