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by | Nov 2, 2015 | Plumbing

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Everyone can benefit from knowing more about flood control. Because floods can happen with little warning, it is best for you and your family to have a safety plan so that you will know what to do. Did you know that basements without proper flood control systems can invariably be damaged by water buildup and accumulated dampness? Even if your living area has not experienced major flooding, there is a chance that your basement may have already been compromised. There are certain things you should be on the lookout for as they are marks of poor water control. These signs include even the smallest of puddles and slight discoloration to the floors and should be taken very seriously before more drastic problems arise.

More Damage

The longer that water accumulates on the floor of your basement the greater risk you are for a potentially dangerous incident. This damage could leak into your baseboards, drywall, heater, washer, dryer, and even electrical outlets. The average insurance claim for a basement that has been flooded is $10,000. After two claims with your insurance, you will usually get dropped if the situation has not been amended.

Prevent the Problem

Flood control systems are hands down the best way to prevent damage from water and flooding. Most basements have a concrete floor that is frequently prone to damage. Even puddles of water can actually cause cracking and buckling in the foundation. However, if you have had a flood control unit professionally installed, flooding concerns can be prevented. The control system is comprised of an ejector pump and two backwater valves. Because these systems are so diligent, they take a bit of time to install properly. The installation time will also depend on your basement depth and how deep your outside sewer is.

Service and Maintenance

It is important to have your flood control system installed by a licensed professional. Installing this system is making the important step to protect the precious investment of your family and home. Expert plumbers should respond rapidly to your need and can install the proper equipment diligently and efficiently. The job should be done accurately the first time, but keep in mind that your flood control system will need maintenance. Regular servicing and checkups is recommended to prevent you from spending more money in the future.

Flood control systems are a necessary part of every household and can prevent unnecessary damage and accidents. Contact your contractor and further educate yourself on flood control systems and their wide array of benefits.

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