Preparing for a Water Heater Installation in Jacksonville FL

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Plumbing

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Now that the decision is made about the purchase of a new water heater, there is the matter of arranging for the installation. The best approach is to engage the services of a plumber who knows exactly what to do. One the appointment is in place, there are a few things the homeowner can do to prepare for the new Water heater installation in Jacksonville FL. Here are some tips that will help with the process.

Clear Some Space

As part of the process of the new Water heater installation in Jacksonville FL, the plumber will need room to remove the old one. Take a look at the space where the heater is currently housed. If it happens to be in the basement or attic, how easy is it to access the heater? Take the time to move any boxes or other items that may be in close proximity. Ideally, the plumber should have plenty of room to lay out the tools and loosen the connections without having to bump into anything.

Keep in mind that there needs to be a clear path out of the house. That will ensure the plumber can remove the old heater with ease. That same path will also serve as the means of getting the new heater into the home.

Covering the Floors

Remember that even after the water supply is shut off and the tank is drained, there could still be some water remaining in the tank. That can create a little mess as the old heater is hauled out of the home. To protect the floors, put down some type of temporary covering. Those old drop cloths from the last painting job will do fine. If no drop cloths are available, spreading sheets of newspaper will also work.

Keeping Pets Away from the Work Area

Any pets in the home should be confined to a room that is away from the action. That includes the paths to the front or back doors. The pet can be placed in a bedroom along with something to eat and drink. A favorite toy would likely help the pet pass the time until the plumber is finished.

For more tips on preparing for a water heater installation, you can try here for suggestions that are ideal Remember that advance preparation means the job will be done in less time and the household can get back to normal.

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