Preparing for a Cooling System Installation in Greeley CO

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After a lot of planning, the day is fast approaching for the installation of a new home cooling unit. Before the crew arrives to begin the Cooling System Installation Greeley CO, it pays to make some advance preparations. Here are some tips that will help ensure the installation process goes smoothly.

Trimming the Shrubs

Before the Cooling System Installation Greeley CO can get underway, the crew will need to remove the old unit. That means the team will need some room to work. Take a look at the shrubs near the current unit. Is it possible to walk all the way around it without having to brush against the shrubs? If not, then it is time to do a little trimming. By cutting back the shrubs a little, it will be much easier to move the old unit out of the way and set up the new one.

Hauling Out the Drop Cloths

Drop cloths are not just for painting. They come in handy any time there is the need to protect the carpeting or flooring. Since the team managing the installation will need to get in the house, why not put drop cloths down and create a path for them to get to ducts, the control box, and to the attic? Doing so will mean they do not have to worry about tracking in the dirt as they move in and out of the house. For the homeowner, those drop cloths also help minimize the amount of cleaning that must be done once the installation is complete. Click here for more details.

Dealing with the Family Dog

Even though the dog is the friendliest animal on the planet, the best move is to find another place for the pet to spend the day. Perhaps this would be a wonderful opportunity for the pet to spend most of the day being groomed. Maybe the neighbors would not mind dog-sitting while the new unit is installed. Making sure the family dog is elsewhere while the work is underway means the pet cannot get underfoot and will not attempt to get the crew to stop what they are doing and engage in a little play time.

Making a few preparations in advance will make things smoother for the homeowner and the team managing the project.

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