Plumbing Solutions: 2 Easy Methods for Unclogging Your Kitchen Drain

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Plumbing

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A residential plumbing system is a network of valves, valve assemblies, and other devices working together to deliver sanitary water to a household for cleaning, drinking, eating, bathing, and similar daily activities. Some of the hardware is attached to devices such as a kitchen sink. This system also carries wastewater to a water treatment facility. It’s important to have operational plumbing in an area such as the kitchen where food is prepared and eaten. When your kitchen sink incurs a blockage, unclog it using some easy-to-follow step.

Hair, food, and foreign objects can accumulate in the drainage portion. This usually occurs in the horizontal run but can happen almost anywhere in the pipes. Trapped material can pose a health hazard for home occupants. One of the simplest ways to unclog a kitchen drain is to use a plunger. Start this task by moderately filling the sink with water.

If there is debris in the sink, the water should cover this waste. Wet the plunger before positioning it in the sink. It’s a good idea to put a thin coat of petroleum jelly around the underside of the lips. Slide the plunger over the drain opening. In a rapid fashion, move the plunger up and down. Build up enough water pressure to dislodge any contents in the clogged basin. When this does not work, repeat these steps two or three time.

When using a plunger does not work, use a drain-and-trap auger. This device is also known as a plumber’s snake. Remove the pop-up stopper from the drainage system. Feed the wire of the auger through this opening. To control the movement of this flexible wire, turn the handle of the auger. The thumbscrew should be loosened and tightened to facilitate the movement of the wire. When the wire makes contact with the blockage, keep cranking the handle as you move the wire back and forth. Next, remove the wire from the drain.

If the two above-mentioned methods fail to unclog a drain, it may be necessary to call a plumber like the ones at Drain Right Plumbing Services. The professionals at this business can handle residential and commercial services. You can also visit their company website for additional information.

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