Plumbers in Saginaw TX Can Help Homeowners Choose the Right Toilet

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Plumbing

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High performance, heated seats, and color options abound, and no, this is not about buying a new car. Most people don’t realize it, but the “standard” toilet is almost extinct, and customers have many choices when it’s time for a new one. Below, homeowners can learn six things to consider when choosing a toilet.


The first thing Plumbers in Saginaw TX will tell customers to do is to determine the size of the rough-in. This is the distance from the drainpipe on the rear of the toilet to the wall behind the unit. It’s best to take the measurement with the old toilet for accuracy’s sake.

Comfort and Height

When using the toilet, most people don’t think much about its height, but they shouldn’t overlook their options. A standard toilet is about 15″ high, where a higher model may be 17″. A customer’s choice may depend on whether there are small children or elderly people in the home.

Water Use

If a toilet is inefficient, it’s like flushing money away. Water usage can quickly add up, and where toilets are concerned, there are ways to save. Ask a plumber about rebates for high-efficiency toilets.

Flush Power

An impending toilet overflow can induce panic, but flush power can eliminate these concerns. However, it comes at the expense of water usage; a toilet that flushes more vigorously uses more water. Consult plumbers in Saginaw TX to find options that suit the family’s budget and lifestyle.

Bowl Shape

Today’s toilet bowls are available in elongated and round shapes. An elongated bowl is likely to be more comfortable, while a round bowl is well-suited to small bathrooms.


For budget-conscious homeowners, it’s easier to choose features. Customers should expect to pay a little extra for a high-efficiency toilet or a taller unit. However, a new toilet should be seen as an investment because it’s used every day.

If a customer still isn’t sure how to choose the right toilet or they want expert installation help, they can call the pros or Browse us to learn more about the company’s services. Call today to schedule a toilet installation appointment.

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