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by | Jan 6, 2014 | Plumbing

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Every home and business has pipes running under and up into the living and working areas. Pipes bring in water to sinks, bathtubs and toilets. They also take the dirty, used water and other things out of the house through sewage pipes. If any of these pipes leak or break, you will need a good Plumbing Palm Springs CA company to send a professional plumber out to get things fixed and back to working right. When you are looking around for a Plumbing Palm Springs CA company, there are a few things that you want to make sure that company has.

Licensed Technicians:

You need to check that any tech the company sends to your property is licensed and trained to meet the highest standards in the industry. Some companies hire self-taught plumbers who aren’t licensed, and these aren’t the technicians you want working on your important plumbing needs. While they may have some knowledge in plumbing, they are aren’t trained and experienced in providing services that meet all of the industries standards.

Emergency Services:

Not all Plumbing Palm Springs CA companies provide after-hours emergency service. Some only offer you a phone number to another company that handles emergencies for several companies. You have no idea what level of expertise their employees have. You want a company that does their own emergency service calls with their own well trained and licensed technicians.

Slab Leak Proficiency:

If your home or business is built on a slab foundation, you will want to make sure the Plumbing Palm Springs CA company that you choose has experience in detecting leaks in or under that foundation. They should be able to detect where the leak’s source is and be able to make both temporary and permanent repairs in, under or near your slab foundation.

When considering putting your plumbing needs in the hands of a plumbing company, consider this list of services:

*     Installing and servicing both standard and tankless water heaters

*     Locating any relevant pipes

*     Ability to do video sewer inspections and repairs

*     All kinds of leak detections

*     Hydro Jetting

*     Drain cleaning

*     Providing Eco-friendly services

*     Copper and Gas re-piping services

Don’t be shy about asking about the licensing standards and experience of the company’s technicians who will work at your property. Make sure the company’s license and insurance are up to date before you put your plumbing needs in their hands.

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