No Hot Water? Call Now for Water Heater Services in Carmel, IN

Water heaters are not luxury accessories. If a home’s supply of hot water is threatened, industry experts suggest contacting an area contractor for help immediately, as some water heater issues can quickly cause damage to a home. If your home’s water heater is not performing properly or has simply stopped functioning, now is the time to contact an expert for help.

Diagnosing the Problem

The first step in the repair of a water heater issue is to properly diagnose the problem. In some cases, the issue can quickly be isolated and repaired. For example, replacing a thermostat is relatively simple and can generally be dealt with during a single visit. If more complicated issues are discovered, or if the tank is leaking, the plumber will generally recommend replacing the water heater rather than spending money on repairs.

Choosing a Replacement Water Heater

In the event a new water heater is recommended, it’s important to discuss the available options with the plumbing professional. The majority of homes needing water heater services in Carmel IN are still using traditional tank-type water heaters. Those water heaters have been around for years and tend to be relatively trouble-free. However, many currently in use are not properly sized for the home, which means the supply of hot water will be depleted quickly or the heater is larger than necessary and uses too much energy. It’s important to ask the plumbing experts for advice when selecting a new water heater.

Consider Tankless Water Heaters

Rather than paying to keep a large tank of water hot all the time, many homeowners are now opting to install tankless, or on-demand, water heaters instead. Tankless water heaters only function when hot water is actually needed. That means their energy consumption is far lower than traditional water heaters and, if the tankless unit is properly sized, users are unlikely to run out of hot water during a shower. Tankless water heaters are more expensive initially than traditional water heaters, but tankless units, on average, use about 35% less energy.

Expert Installation Is Always Important

Plumbing experts providing water heater services in Carmel IN encourage homeowners to have qualified experts install new water heaters or repair existing units. The professionals know how to properly connect water and electrical or gas lines to minimize the potential for issues. Browse our website for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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