Learning About Maintenance And Grease Trap Installation in Smyrna, TN

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Plumbing

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Grease Trap Installation in Smyrna TN is something that owners of commercial restaurants must deal with. A trap must be in place for there to be proper waste management. After a grease trap has been installed by a contractor, it needs to be maintained so that the trap’s efficiency isn’t compromised. Maintaining a grease trap is easy with the right plan.

Quality Installation Matters

Everything starts with Grease Trap Installation in Smyrna, TN. An inexperienced contractor might install the garbage disposal before they do the grease trap. Installing a garbage disposal before a grease trap might lead to ground-up food getting into the trap. It will cause the trap to have to do more work. A reputable contractor will also make sure that the right size trap is used for the job.

Is There Grease In The Trap?

After a grease trap is installed, the owner should check it in a few days to see if there is any grease in it. There should be some grease inside the trap. If there isn’t any grease caught in the trap, there is probably something wrong with the installation. A leak could also be to blame. A leak will cause grease to accumulate in another location instead of inside the trap.

Draining Cleaning

Every so often, it pays to have all drains professionally cleaned. This cleaning is preventative maintenance and prevents debris from accumulating in the pipes. Debris that accumulates in the plumbing will cause a grease trap to work harder. A professional cleaning at least once a year is usually enough to prevent any serious problems from developing. The same company that does the installation for the grease trap can also do the drain cleaning. Bundling maintenance work is a cost-effective approach to plumbing care.

It’s not too hard to verify that a grease trap has been installed correctly. Once the trap is working, its owner just has to monitor it. They can use a contractor to help with trap maintenance and other tasks like Gas line repair or replacement. It helps to build a working relationship with a contractor who does quality work.

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