Keeping your Hardened Flooring Surfaces Comfortable with In-Floor Heating Installation

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Plumbing

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Keeping a home warm over the winter months is a challenging task for people living in the Duluth, Minnesota area. The winter can offer rather brutal temperatures, and keeping the inside of a home or business comfortable is paramount. While most people rely on home or commercial HVAC systems to keep their homes comfortable, there are other ways to heat various areas of a building.

One of the issues that most people have in this area is the cold temperatures of hardened floor surfaces such as wood or tile. Regardless of how comfortable the ambient temperature is inside of a home, wood and tile flooring can often be extremely cold to the touch. This can actually cause ambient temperatures to be slightly cooler. However, with In-Floor Heating Installation, the convenience of having a warm floor, as well as keeping the ambient temperature of the home at a comfortable level is easier to achieve.

This type of heating system is placed on the sub-floor before tiles or wood flooring are installed. It is typically a network of small heating wires or neoprene tubes that run warm water throughout the floor. In any situation, this In-Floor Heating Installation can keep a floor extremely comfortable. This means that people won’t have to worry about wearing socks to keep their feet comfortable when walking on surfaces like wood or tile flooring.

While this type of system may seem a bit complicated, the installation is fairly simple. It can be an added expense when putting in new hardwood or tile flooring inside of a home, but with the comfort that it offers, as well as the potential to reduce heating bills slightly, it might be a good investment from a comfort as well as a financial standpoint.

Whether you’re having to deal with cold tile or wood flooring, or you’re thinking about adding this type of flooring into an existing home, you may want to consider your options for in floor heating. It’s an excellent way to ensure that every area of your home is as comfortable as possible during the winter months. If you have questions about this type of flooring heating system, you can contact Carlson Bros Mechanical Contracting. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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