Keeping Your Bathroom Plumbing in Pittsburgh, PA In Working Order

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Plumbing

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Bathroom Plumbing in Pittsburgh PA has to be used properly and maintained if problems are to be avoided. Plumbing problems can cause a homeowner to spend hundreds of dollars. People who are on tight budgets need to be especially careful with their plumbing. What if a person can’t afford a plumber? Even if they choose to do the job themselves, they might not be able to afford the parts.

Protecting Plumbing

A person needs to learn how to protect their bathroom plumbing in Pittsburgh PA. To do that, they have to understand the things that can cause problems. Hair is often at the top of the list when it comes to causing issues in bathrooms. Hair that is allowed to accumulate inside of drains will eventually cause a blockage. If the blockage isn’t serious, it can be dissolved with a chemical product bought at any hardware store. A serious blockage will need to be physically removed.

More On Protection

Protecting plumbing means using certain tools in some cases. In order to guard against hair, a protective guard should be placed over drains. There are different guards on the market. Some have smaller holes and offer a greater level of protection. These types of guards have to be cleaned more frequently though. Some people choose to use boiling water on occasion. They pour the water down the drains to help clear out gunk and hair. The problem with boiling water is that it may damage certain types of pipes.

Other Tips

Hair isn’t the only enemy that bathroom plumbing has. Non-biodegradable items are bad for toilets. The reason being is that these items can end up clogging toilets and causing harm to the septic system. Plungers should be available for both toilets and sinks. It’s important to note a plunger a household uses for a toilet should not be used for a sink. It’s not for just sanitary reasons. Toilets use different types of plungers than sinks do.

Learn more about A Comfort Service by contracting them. A professional plumber can help rectify any type of problem a homeowner may be having with their bathroom plumbing.

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