Items Stuck in Drains that Require a Professional Drain Cleaning Service in Manchester NH

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Plumbing

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Cleaning a drainage system can be a difficult prospect. Drainage systems are often a complex collection of pipes that come from a number of different places and lead to the same point. A clog in this drain can happen anywhere in the system. But when these items wind up in the drainage system, you often need to get a professional to handle the job of cleaning them out.

One of the big items that can make it down drains and cause clogging is an excessive amount of grease. While hot grease is a liquid that can easily flow down drains, the problem arises when the grease cools off. Cool grease turns into a solid mass that can trap other substances that travel through the drain. Eventually, this will cause a major blockade which only a drain cleaning can remove. If the clog is far enough down the drain, any chemicals used in the drain may not get rid of it.

Another item that can cause major problems are small plastic toys. These toys can easily fit down drains and get stuck. If you don’t know that the toy is down there, you might try a chemical cleaner to flush it out. The problem is that these chemical cleaners cannot dissolve plastic. So, the blocked drain will never properly clear. The only way to clean the drain at this point is to remove the plastic toy. Pinpointing its location may require the help of a camera snake depending on where the item ended up at.

An excessive amount of paper is often a difficult drain blockage to clear. The reason is that not all paper dissolves when wet. Sometimes, it clumps together and creates a solid mass especially when combined with other things. Often, these types of clogs happen in toilets where it maybe impossible to reach. A Drain Cleaning in Manchester NH may be required especially if other things are caught up in the paper.

These are a few items that can cause a major drainage issue. Often, it is hard to know exactly what is clogging the drainage. So when the chemical cleaner is not cutting it, it is time to call in the professionals.

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