Items Checked During an Air Conditioning Maintenance Session

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The demand placed on your air conditioning unit increases dramatically during the summer. While higher temperatures outside call for cooler temperatures inside, your unit is working really hard to maintain the set temperature. But if your air conditioning system hasn’t been inspected in a while, it might be in trouble. These are some of the things checked during a maintenance visit.

One of the items checked during air conditioning maintenance visit is filters. A regular change of filters is required to keep the air flowing to the air conditioning unit. While some filters are easily accessible and easy to change, some systems have internal filters that have to be replaced on a regular basis. If you have forgotten how to change these filters, this is the time to relearn how to perform this maintenance item yourself.

Another item checked is the thermostat. The thermostat is the air conditioning unit’s communication and control system. It is what tells the unit to turn on and off when certain temperatures are reached. Bad connections or blocked sensors can impede this communication process. The thermostat is checked for accuracy and for visual damage. It may have to be replaced if the system fails to respond as directed.

The coolant in the unit may also be checked as part of the air conditioning maintenance. Since the coolant is one of the most critical components in the cooling process, its levels are checked. If the levels are low, the coolant will be filled up to the proper levels. The unit will also be checked for leaks. If leaks are found, the unit will have to be repaired as quickly as possible, before more coolant escapes into the environment. Spills will also have to be cleaned up as quickly as possible, to prevent pets and children from getting in contact with the toxic substance.

These are just a few of the items inspected during a maintenance session. Since the demand on air conditioning units is relentless during the summer, performing proper maintenance to your unit will help ensure that it will run all summer long. Make sure to ask for upfront pricing without any surprise costs when you schedule your maintenance.

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