How a plumber in Northbrook Deals with Water Damage

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Plumbing

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Water damage is the worst nightmare for every homeowner. One of the main causes of water damage in the home is complications arising from plumbing mishaps. In case you are suspecting that you could be having a water damage issue, you should call in a Plumber in Northbrook immediately. Here are important things to know about dealing with water damage in the home.

Sources of water damage

  • Leaking faucets and pipes that go unnoticed and unattended to for many days
  • A burst hot water tank
  • Leaking bathtub, Jacuzzis and hot tubs
  • Dysfunctional sewer and drainage pipes that lead to water backing up to the house

As mentioned, unlike the sudden water damage that is caused by disaster such as flooding, plumbing caused damage can go unnoticed for weeks and even months. In the meantime, your house will be undergoing the following damages.

  • The paint on the walls will form bubbles and start peeling off because of water retention.
  • The floors will start wearing out and getting portholes.
  • The moisture will attract the growth of mold that create a health hazard to the people living in a house.
  • If the damage affects the basement and foundation, the structural integrity of the house as a whole could be completely compromised.
  • Any stagnant water in hidden places like basements could form breeding grounds in areas where mosquitoes are prevalent.
  • In case the stagnated water comes into contact with electric wires or gas piping, there is a danger of electrocution and gas poisoning.

A small mistake in plumbing can lead to complete disaster in the home. To rectify the issue before it gets really messy, calling in a plumber is advised. The plumber will start with getting to the source of the problem. For instance, if a leaking pipe is sealed, the accumulation of stagnant water in the house will be stopped. After the cause of the problem has been addressed, drainage of the water can be done, followed by damage restoration.

These are all services that a Plumber in Northbrook offers. Lakeside plumbing is one of the most competent plumbing contractors in Northbrook.


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