Hire A Plumber for Slab Leak Repairs

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Plumber

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You may wake up in the night to an unusual sound, the somewhat muffled wail of running water. After a quick search of the house, you can’t find it, which means it must be somewhere hidden that you cannot see. There are no faucets dripping, your sprinklers are quiet, the dishwasher and washing machine are not making a sound, the icemaker in the refrigerator is mute, your toilets are restful. You may have a leak that is hidden under the slab.

Some of the ways you can check for a possible slab leak is hot spots on the floor, wall-cracks or cracks in the floor, the development of mildew or musty odors, and worst of all, exorbitant water bills.

If you have a pet that prefers certain spots in the middle of the floor where pets usually would not want to lie, it may be because hot water is leaking under the floor and it is warmer there. Having a warmer floor in certain areas can be a sign of slab leakage. Cracks in the floors and walls could be signs that the foundation of your house is under more stress than usual due to a slab leak. If the slab itself has cracked the moisture can rise up under carpets and create mildew. Or, moisture can rise into the interior of the walls and ignite the growth of mold. Calling a Family plumbing, heating & air, inc for mold may lead to them making a slab leak repair in Oregon City plumber as well.

Of course, if you have a high water bill but you are not using more water, there has to be a reason for it. If you check with your city and find out that no clerical error was made and rates have not suddenly been raised, it is probably because you are losing water somewhere.

Slab leaks are typically caused by the deterioration of the piping underneath the foundation of your house. They may be caused by chemical reactions between pipes and water, a shifting in the foundation of the house, too much water pressure, or poor quality plumbing.

Usually, companies who make plumbing repairs in Hemet will not charge for an initial evaluation. Thermal imaging and other special equipment can be used to pinpoint the location of a leak without destroying your property. Methods of actual repair may vary depending on what kind of slab leak it is, such as a drain leak or water pressure leak. Depending on the situation, repairs may involve rerouting, or doing the actual repair underneath the concrete. For more information visit Roth Heating & Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Services.

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