Here Are Some of the Common Reasons You Might Need an Emergency Plumber

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Plumber, Plumbing

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Imagine waking up in the dead of night with water leaking all over your upstairs floor. What will you do? Do you have a number for reliable emergency plumbing in Chesapeake, VA? Whether or not you know who to call, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the most common types of plumbing emergencies that you might have to face in the future.

Overflowing Toilet

This is one of the worst of the many plumbing disasters that may befall your house. You can try a number of things to unclog it yourself such as using a plunger or an augur, but applying these remedies when the line is clogged can cause a sewage backup. Time to call a pro.

Gas Leaks

This is potentially very dangerous. While the utility company is responsible for the gas, the homeowner is responsible for the pipes. If the company figures out there’s a problem, they may shut off service. If they don’t, the consequences could range from negative health effects to fatal suffocation or even explosion. Don’t play games with gas leaks!

Leaking Water Heater

These leaks may be caused by a broken valve or rust-related corrosion. A leaking water heater can waste a ton of money on water while causing severe structural damage to your house. You can call a pro and request either the installation of a tankless water heater or the repair of your existing one.

Broken Water Line

If you see large soggy spots on your lawn, a broken water line is a very likely culprit. This problem is usually caused by tree roots damaging the line. If the issue is a sewer line issue, a major threat to sanitation is at hand, and in any event, you’re contending with major property damage. Time for emergency plumbing from a Chesapeake, VA, plumbing company.

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