For Kitchen and Bathroom Repairs and Renovations, Call Acker and Sons, Inc.

by | Apr 1, 2014 | Plumbing

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You don’t have to have the same bathroom everyone else has. You can let your imagination run wild and have a plumbing company bring it all to fruition. You can have a sunken tub or one with feet like they had long ago. You can choose marble tile and beautiful floor and stand alone sinks and colors that are somewhat muted or full of vibrant life. Acker and Sons, Inc., who are experts in the plumbing field, will make the vision you have a reality by bringing out the special character and individuality you want for your home.

Not only do they do work for homeowners, they are available for hotels and restaurants, senior citizen facilities, apartment dwellers, those renovating investment properties, schools and churches. Homeowners write in every day about the fine customer service and the care taken by technicians entering the home so they wouldn’t get carpets dirty. This is the type of treatment you’ll receive from one of the finest companies in the area. They can repair every brand and type of equipment. Whether you have an older model in your home or a brand new one, it can be repaired by this plumbing company.

You can also walk into the establishment of Acker and Sons, Inc. and look around. You’ll find hundreds of fixtures and accessories that are sure to match what you already have or that will create an entirely new look to your kitchen or bathroom. If you’re a person who loves to invest in properties, renovate them and sell them, call the company for assistance in giving the home a great look that will entice buyers to purchase or someone to rent the property. An associate will also help you choose fixtures if you need help with various styles and colors.

Don’t put up with an old water heater that is leaking when you can call experienced technicians to install a new one. You’ll find the services the company does listed on the website. They range from certified back flow testing, faucet and drain services, sump pump repairs, and they’ll protect pipes from freezing in the wintertime. They’ll maintain the entire drain system in your home and inspect it for clogs with one of the new video cameras being used today. Click “request free estimate” at the bottom of the page and input your information.

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