Fixing or Replacing a Hot Water Heater Bergen County NJ

by | Apr 2, 2013 | Plumbing

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Those hot morning showers are the way to start a day out right, but sometimes the water heater does not work right interrupting that import morning ritual. While there are some small problems with water heaters that are fixable on your own, most need at least a consultation with a plumbing professional. If there is water leaking for the water heater or the smell of gas, if it is a gas water heater, it is important to contact a professional Hot Water Heater in Bergen County NJ company immediately.

One common problem that is an easy fix is if there is sediment in the tank. The tank will make loud noises when starting such as hissing, banging, or gurgling. The solution is simply to flush the tank, which is also a regular maintenance routine that should be performed every year. Probably the easiest to fix is the temperature of the water. The temperature is adjustable by selecting the temperature on the thermostat on the water heater. The recommended temperature is 150 degrees for any house with a dishwasher, can be set lower if there is no dishwasher. If the temperature does not change after adjusting thermostat, it may need to be replaced.

If the water heater is leaking, a new one needs to be purchased and installed. When replacing a Hot Water Heater Bergen County NJ, it is important to find the right type of heater for the household. The most common is the standard storage water heater, which holds a tank of heated water. Tankless water heater provided on demand water without the need for a tank. For a more Green option, there are solar water heaters the run of solar energy from the sun. The water heater purchased also needs to be large enough to produce hot water to support a particular house and family size.

Obviously, cost is going to be the most important factor when selecting a hot water heater. Make sure to comparison shop or even contact a professional for recommendations. The more energy efficient models will also help reduce the annual cost to run a water heater. It is also important to consider fuel source, because the cost of fuel is going to be the biggest factor into the annual cost.

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