Fittings: The PVC 3 Way Elbow

A fitting is an indispensable tool used in pipe systems for connecting straight pipe or tubing sections, to adapt to different sizes or shapes, and for regulating or measuring fluid flow. First you have to decide what type of PVC pipe you are going to use based on the purpose for which it is required. Then order the fittings to match the pipe size correctly. Some of the fittings used to join PVC pipes include elbows, flanges, side outlets, caster caps, plugs, clamps, and nozzles.

Factors to be considered: A number of important factors should be considered when choosing pipe fittings.

Material used for manufacturing pipes and pipe fitting: Quality of material used will decide the way in which the pipes can be joined and the pressure which the joined pipes can handle. It would be ideal if both the pipe and the fitting are made of the same material. (e.g. both PVC 3 way elbow and flexible pipe are made of PVC)

Right type of connectors: The connections between pipes need to remain tight. So you have to choose the right fitting from the number of different types of pipe fitting connections available. For a detailed list of available fittings, please take a look here.

Right size and design: Determining the correct size and design of a fitting is very essential to a successful fitting. The right size and shape will help in ensuring that the pipe can navigate freely.

More about PVC 3 way elbow: An elbow is a pipe fitting installed between two lengths of pipe. The purpose of an elbow is to allow changing the direction of pipe by 90 degrees, 45 degrees, 22 degrees or 11 degrees. An elbow angle should be greater than 0 degrees, but less than or equal to 90. Elbows are categorized based on their design features. Different types of elbows are PVC 3 way elbow, 2 way elbow and 4 way elbow. PVC 3 way elbows give you the adaptability of three-way connections. This eliminates the need for multiple fittings. You can easily connect three lengths of pipe to a single fitting. PVC 3 way elbows are available in different sizes. They have tapered edges. They provide a long term, durable and easy solution for connecting pipes. You can choose from a wide array of elbows by checking out our wide variety and finding the one that is perfect for your needs.

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