Drain Cleaning in Lima, Ohio Can Clean Your Drain Lines Before They Become Problems

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Plumbing

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Homeowners usually ignore the sewer drain line until it backs up into the house, and then they really notice it. The old adage”if it ain’t broke don’t fix” doesn’t apply to the sewer line. The homeowner never knows the line is going to be a problem until it becomes one. If the homeowner had an annual camera inspection of the drain line, then he would know whether he should be concerned.

Some homeowners suggest that since they do not have a tree in their yard, nothing should get into the line. Tree roots can travel over 100 feet seeking water and they will get into the line and begin to form a clog. Meanwhile, as the clog is growing it is also collecting paper and developing a bigger clog. Eventually, nothing can get past the clog so it all reverses course and goes into the house.

There would be an easy solution to this problem if it was caught in time, and if it isn’t the solution still works. First, a mini-cam is run into the sewer line and it sends back video pictures of the sewer line. Once a blockage has been identified, the next step is to clear it. Drain Cleaning in Lima, Ohio has the modern technology to do this. It is referred to as Hydro Jetting which operates with a water force at 3200 psi. This is capable of clearing tree roots. This water pressure will scrub sewer pipes clean, and it will also push debris from the sewer line. Hydro scrubbing will clean the sewer line walls so that any grease and debris will not accumulate further. However, it is a good plan to have a periodic inspection of your drain line. The bathroom drains, the kitchen drain and the shower and tub drains may clog from everyday use. These need to be cleaned and Drain Cleaning in Lima, Ohio has special tools for doing this work.

Older homes may have a cast iron sewer line which is likely to be broken and allowing the roots to enter. The camera will send back pictures of the line so you will know its condition. Roots can even create a break in the plastic pipes and work their way into this break. If these are problems Choose Bluffton Aeration Services to fix them. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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