Discover the Many Benefits of Hydrojetting Your Clogged Pipes in Portland

by | Nov 1, 2023 | Plumbing Services

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When your drains are clogged, you want an affordable and fast solution so that your home can get back to normal quickly. Hydrojetting in Portland is the perfect solution. It’s an effective solution that won’t cost a fortune. This process uses high-pressure water to completely clean out your pipes for lasting results.


Hydrojetting isn’t just for commercial properties. As a homeowner, you can take advantage of this way of tackling jobs of all sizes. It can remove everything from food buildup to invasive tree roots. It’s safe enough to use in steel pipes, cement sewer lines, cast iron pipes, clay pipes, and resin-based pipelines.


Traditional pipe cleaning methods involved digging long trenches, which were expensive and time-consuming. This left a huge mess in your yard. Hydrojetting is non-invasive, which means no trenches. Your home’s pipes are cleaned out from one single access point.

Affordable and Long Lasting

Instead of continuously purchasing and using expensive chemical drain cleaners, hydro jetting cleans out the entire plumbing system, which reduces the possibility of any immediate re-clogging. Hydro jetting thoroughly cleans the pipes so that it’s hard for debris and grime to build up once again on the pipe walls.

Hydrojetting in Portland can get your home’s plumbing system functioning properly without the complications associated with traditional drain cleaning methods. If this sounds like the ideal solution for your home’s plumbing issues, visit Roth Home to learn more.

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