Contact an Emergency Plumber in Jacksonville, FL if You Have a Sewer Back-up

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Plumber

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One sure emergency that requires the services of a plumber is when you have flooding in your home or a sewer backup. This type of problem cannot wait, as water damage or sewage can lead to some major health problems and expenses. Therefore, at the first sign of a problem, you need to make an emergency call.

Is Your Sink Working Properly?

While you do not want to consider that you might face a backup, it still can happen despite your best efforts. When this type of emergency happens, it typically results from a clog. Just like the pipes in the home, a sewer line can also be affected by a clog. When this happens, you will notice that the tub, toilet, or sink starting to giving you a problem. That is when you need to contact an emergency plumber in Jacksonville, FL right away.

Sometimes, if you are only experiencing a bit of trouble with your shower drain, for instance, you may only have a clog in the drain. However, if you notice that flushing the toilet creates a sewage backup, your main sewer line is most likely clogged. Only an emergency plumber can further investigate the situation and lend his expertise.

Do Not Flush Tissues Down the Toilet

Most clogs in sewer lines can be prevented. You can avoid having emergency services performed by practicing a little prevention in this respect. For example, you should never flush items down the toilet that you normally discard in a trash basket. These items may include napkins, diapers, or facial tissues.

If you want to avoid calling an emergency plumber, you also want to use your garbage disposal properly. That means you should avoid dumping a large amount of waste down the disposal. Doing so can cause the excess residue to become clogged in the sewer line.

In addition, it is also not wise to pour grease down a drain. While fats or grease have a liquid-like quality, they will harden over time and trigger a bad clog in your sewer line. Look at visit us website today online to obtain further details about preventing a clog or obtaining plumbing services today.

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