Contact A Plumber For Toilet Repair In Azle TX

by | Sep 29, 2018 | Plumbing

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When a toilet will not stop running or is leaking, a plumber should be contacted for toilet repair in Azle TX. Although repairing a toilet might seem easy, a minor leak can cause hundreds and thousands of damage to a home or business. If an individual uses good water for their home, a toilet that will not start running could burn up the well pump. If the individual has city water, their water bill will increase dramatically.

The seal over the hole inside the tank can get warped and allow water to leak into the tank. If the float is not properly adjusted, the water will continue to rush through the bowl of the toilet. If the wax seal fails under the toilet, the water will continue to slowly leak out around the base of the toilet, rot the floor, and cause a hold problem.


Another problem that often happens with a toilet is when it gets a clog deep in the sewer line. These types of clogs can crack pipes and cause the toilet to back up and overflow. A licensed plumber can identify the cause of the clog and quickly remove it.

Wax Seal

The wax seal on a toilet requires the toilet to be removed from the floor to install a new one. This job is dirty and the raw sewer gas smell will be overwhelming unless the drainpipe is covered. The previous wax seal will need to have any remaining pieces removed and the metal bracket thoroughly cleaned.

The wax seal needs to be pressed onto the circular hole and the toilet needs to be put correctly over the hole so it keeps the water in the sewer lines. Unbolting and bolting the toilet to the floor must be done correctly as part of Toilet Repair in Azle TX.

If you have plumbing work that needs to be done at your home or business, it is highly recommended that a licensed and experienced plumber is contacted to perform the repairs. If you want more information about a reliable plumbing company, please feel free to Contact Us.

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